Headmaster’s Welcome

Headmaster’s Welcome

Tom Stevens, Head of School


At St. John’s Episcopal School, we believe that a truly meaningful and successful education is one that focuses on academics, character, and faith.  With knowledge and skills, the abilities to work effectively and efficiently, and with a sense of purpose, our students create lives that will be truly successful.

From our youngest three-year-olds entering our school to the eighth graders as they graduate, we are committed to having them reach their full potential – in academics, arts, and physical education.  To that end, we are a school that is both traditional and prepares our students for the world that lies ahead of them.  We ensure that our students understand the skills of language arts, math, science, and social studies while engaging them in the thinking, questioning, and skills at a higher level that will bring them success in their future.  Our students will understand grammar and know how to communicate, will learn number facts and understand why the quadratic equation works.  They will read great books for information and for enjoyment; they will write to express their understanding and for fun.  They will hear wonderful music and learn to play an instrument as well as to sing.  They will learn a world language and have the opportunity to travel to other lands.  They will understand, appreciate, and create.

We remain committed to graduating lifelong learners who are academically prepared, sound in character, and of enduring faith, principles as vital to the future as they were at the school’s founding in 1961.  Affirming our religious heritage, we strongly believe in the strength and importance of community, engage in community service and reach out to people of all faiths and backgrounds.

I invite you to browse the website, learn more about our academic program, the arts and athletics, our global perspective, and our community of faith.

Most sincerely,

Thomas R. Stevens
Head of School