St. John’s Episcopal Church

St. John’s Episcopal Church

A cornerstone of life at St. John’s is our commitment to Christian values and the development of moral character. We are devoted to our Episcopal identity and to our role as an outreach of St. John’s Episcopal Church. Affirming our religious heritage, we reach out to people of all faiths and backgrounds by accentuating the common elements of our personal, spiritual and communal growth.

St. John’s Episcopal School Prayer

The school prayer is used at assemblies, chapel, faculty meetings, and other special occasions. Students and faculty hold hands as a symbol of togetherness when they share the school prayer.


Leader:         Lord God, we seek to learn and grow;

People:         Help us to learn from you.

Leader:         You were kind to all you met;
People:         Make us kind to one another.
Leader:         You called all people to integrity in their lives;
People:         Keep us honest in all we do.
Leader:         You respected the dignity of all people;
People:         Help us to see your face in theirs.
Leader:         You reached out in love and concern to those in need;
People:         Make your compassion and hope our own.
ALL:              We thank you for the values of kindness, honesty, respect, and compassion that bind us together at St. John’s Episcopal School. May we strive to keep St. John’s motto in front of our lives: Honor, Truth, and Faith – remembering that the source of all these things is you. AMEN

Written by Reverend Benjamin Shambaugh, 1995 (Rector, St. John’s Episcopal Church 1995 – 2005)

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