Lower School

Lower School (Preschool through Grade 4)

Our Lower School encompasses our students from Preschool 3 through Grade 4. Within our Lower School, our experienced and creative teachers challenge and support each child to maximize individual growth and achievement. Our teachers differentiate and individualize content, skills, and experiences to encourage critical and creative thinking as well as essential academic skills. Our experienced teachers accelerate and challenge as well as enrich and reteach from our youngest to our oldest students.

Lower School students spend approximately two-thirds of their day in a homeroom-based program with their grade level teacher. 

Within their homeroom, students develop relationships with one another and their grade-level teacher. These teachers also instruct students in Math, Reading, Language Arts (grammar, writing, spelling, and handwriting), Science, and Social Studies.

Students leave their homeroom for Spanish, Music, Art, Physical Education, Religion, and STEM classes, which are taught by Specials teachers. Chapel services are held weekly.


STJES Traditions:

Traits of Success:

The school’s Traits of Success are a shared responsibility of parents, faculty and staff, and members of the STJES community, who come together to support positive character development. We offer multiple opportunities for students to learn about, discuss and exemplify these Traits each month:

September ● Organization
October ● Attentiveness
November ● Courage
December ● Faith
January ● Persistence
February ● Positive Attitude
March ● Flexibility
April ● Generosity
May ● Responsibility

International Festival: 

Preschool through grade 8 students and faculty honor and promote cultural awareness through various cross-curricular actives that encompass a week-long study of their assigned country along with creative projects, including art and music.