World Village Experiences

Global Education Programs

St. John’s global education programs World Village aims to spark students’ curiosity and passion for global learning. Along the way, students develop the creative and inter-personal skills that are critical for success in a globalizing world. These include, among others, the ability to:

  • Collaborate and brainstorm with team partners – locally at first and then globally – to solve both concrete and abstract problems.
  • Adapt to changing circumstances and new information by being resourceful and using old tools in new ways.
  • Feel a deep sense of connection with, and respect and compassion for, a global community.

Almost all of our teachers have been trained in how to use communication tools to aid in this endeavor, such as blogs, wikis, movie-making software, private social networks and more. We use these tools to connect with classrooms, students and experts around the world via Videoconferencing (like Skype) and asynchronous communication like email. International Immersion week is a great example of our program. At each grade level, in every subject, students study a given country for that week. In math class, they might use facts from that country’s population, income, etc for counting statistics. In art, students would create artwork that mirrors that from the country of study, etc.

For information about our service learning travel trips, please visit the program page.