Student Life

Student Achievements

OASIS Performing Arts Students Rock Disney World!

Eighteen Oasis students flew down to Orlando, Florida on February 2 to perform a compilation of songs on a stage in Downtown Disney. Students were treated like true Disney performers as they practiced in a special “warm-up” room and were bussed over to the stage. Their performance was watched and enjoyed by over 200 people in the Downtown Disney area. For the professionalism of our students and their dedication of upholding the Disney brand they were given a Mickoscar (Micky Mouse trophy) to display in our school trophy case. These students made St. John’s proud with their hard work and dedication to an awesome performance!

Who Says We’re a Bunch of City Slickers?

Seventh grader, Lauren, had an outstanding week at the Montgomery County Fair!!  She had a total of 28 entries – everything from a dress that she sewed, acrylic paintings, needlework to baked goods.  She received 8 – first place ribbons, 10 – second place ribbons, 1 – third place ribbon and 4 – fourth place ribbons.

Most importantly, she received two Grand Champion awards!  Both of the Grand Champion awards were for projects she did at STJES! The first one was for her Science Project in Ms. Smedira’s class on Hatching Chicks!  Additionally, she received two special awards for this project, one for the Best Entry in Educational Exhibits and one for Best Entry in Veterinary Science!  The second Grand Champion award she received was for her scratch board picture of a duck, which she did in Ms. Burdin’s art class.  She also received Best Entry in Design Crafts for this project!

Finally, Lauren showed her kid goat, Millie, in the 4-H Dairy Goat show.  She received second place in the Intermediate Fitting and Showing category and third place in the Senior Kid Alpine Breed category.  Now that’s something to maaah about!  We’re proud of you Lauren!
FrenchFrench 1French 3

Third grader, Tommy, had a great week too! Tommy won 2 first place ribbons, one for Light Weight Market Hog and one for ChampionShowman First Year. His mom, Linda, said, “Not bad for his first year and having no idea what he was doing.
Tommy Little 1 Tommy Little 2

How does one ever know what to do when walking a pig – especially when the pig and the walker have a difference of opinion? Last, but not least, seventh grader Colby, received a first place ribbon in market class and a fourth place in showmanship for his steer. Brother and sister act Savannah (2011 STJES graduate) and her sixth grade brother, Spencer, received 2nd and 3rd place in market class respectively, and 3rd and 4th place in showmanship. Great job everyone!