Community Service

*Every week to research current distance service opportunities and have posted these in the student’s Google classroom and in our Eagle Express eNewsletter. 

Community Service

Our goal for all of our students is to expose them to a variety of volunteer opportunities within the D.C. metropolitan area beyond the walls of St. John’s Episcopal School and Church.  In addition, we provide a variety of opportunities within the school throughout the year. It is our desire that volunteering within our own community is not just to fulfill a requirement but will develop a sense of pride and inclusion.

Students in the lower school grades (preschool – fourth grade) do not have specific hourly requirements; however, our upper school students (fifth – eighth grade) use the following guidelines:

Grades 5 through 8 are all expected to fulfill eight hours of service during the school year. This can be a combination of in-school and community hours.

2020-2021 Community Service Submission Form

Below are opportunities that may not be available right now due to COVD-19 restrictions but hope to resume in the future:

Rainbow Place – providing shelter for homeless women during the winter months – open Nov. 1-March 31 7pm to 7am.

Manna Food Center – Manna Food Center, a nonprofit organization, strives to eliminate hunger in Montgomery County through food distribution, education, and advocacy.

Food Collections – Olney HELP seeks assistance from a group to arrange food collections and stock pantries. This opportunity is great for a small group of 3-10 people. Contact Deborah Hanson at 301-537-4213 or email Visit their website for more information: Great for groups!

Potomac Community Resources – Music lovers needed for NoteAbles Music Therapy Assistant volunteer. Assist instructor to facilitate fun and therapeutic music therapy programs for adults with developmental differences. Programs include singing, movement, instrument play, drumming, and socializing. Volunteers help hand out equipment, follow directions given by instructor, model appropriate behavior, and build relationships with PCR members through a shared interest in music. Love of music is the prerequisite! Contact Abby Lubran at 301-365-0561. Visit the website at

Prevention of Blindness Society – Share Your Graphic Design Expertise. This is a great opportunity for students looking to build their design portfolios, designers who want to help out in the community and retired designers with time to share their talents. A creative mind and an interest in helping out in the community. Apply your graphic design talent for these publications and resources: Our annual report; brochures; newsletters; and advertisements. Contact Executive Director Michele Hartlove at 202-234-1010. Visit the website at

Conservation Montgomery is a countywide 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization focused on making the connection between natural resource protection and community quality of life. We need an experienced volunteer grant proposal writer. We have an account with Maryland Grants Watch and need a writer to draft an occasional response to a Request for Proposals (RFP) for our organization. We are seeking funding for county tree planting projects and other good environmental works. Contact Caren Madsen, Board President at 301- 587-8128. Visit the website at

Compassion Over Killing* – As an office assistant, you will prepare important mailings such as materials for activists nationwide to use at special events and informational brochures and vegetarian starter guides requested online. Depending on organization needs, special events, and/or the candidate’s abilities and interests, light research, office organization, assistance at outreach events at local venues, or other important office administrative and operations tasks may be involved. It is highly recommended that volunteers be interested in vegetarianism or veganism, though adherence to either diet is not required. Contact Sean Conner, Office Manager at 301-891-2458. Visit the website at